〰 This website is part of a research project about pollution in Catalonia, most certanly in Martorell 〰

⚫ Our previous knowledge for this project is:

We know how to use a light bulb in arduino. We know how to program: html, javascript, a bit of css. Also, during the last term we learned a bit of , P5 speech, Voice recognition...

We know how to use and make graphics with Rstudio and his different libraries. And finally, We have basic knowledge about programing with Raspberry Pi and also we know how to use Neocities and upload things to.

⚫ Our objectives for this project are:

1. To learn how to use Raspberry Pi in general.

3. To learn how to use different type of sensors.

2. To request around 8000 data on pollutants in Catalonia.

4. To study about pollution by rpm of cars with different sensors.

5. To create graphics with a complex program called Rstudio about the obtained data.

6. To learn how the different type of brands work related to the pollution produced by cars.

7. To offer a more detailed view of the pollution caused by different car brands.